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I know all about business

Being a businessman myself, I also provide services for other businesses. For over 20 years as part of my law firm, and for over 15 years as a member and helper to the Business Centre Club.

I help set up, run, optimise, transform and support businesses in talks with partners, handle employment issues and disputes. I help with investor relations and succession planning. I listen to my clients’ needs and set out to find the right legal solutions. I lobby local governments, ministries and the Polish parliament.

Whatever your needs may be, I provide assistance to my clients in Poland and around the world.


Setting up and Providing Services to Businesses

I advise on how to set up a business in Poland and abroad. I provide assistance in the registration process and handle it comprehensively.

Business Optimisation

I advise on the optimisation of business activities to improve performance and increase profits.

Business Transformation

I provide assistance in the transformation and restructuring of business activities, to adapt them to the current market needs and financial situation.

Support in Negotiations

I provide support in negotiations and talks with business partners to obtain favourable terms.

Support in Conflicts

I provide support in resolving disputes – through mediation and court proceedings.

Investor Relations

I provide assistance in attracting investors and partners, negotiating investment conditions and managing relations with investors.


I advise on issues relating to the transfer of business from one generation to another, including legal, financial and organisational matters.

Defining Needs

I define customer needs and propose individually tailored solutions.


I lobby in local governments, ministries and at the Polish parliament. I am changing the law for the better.

We can work together!

Feel free to contact me