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I am devoted to aiding Poles and facilitating Polish business operations in Spain

My role is pivotal in the inception and integration of businesses, executed through my direct endeavors and an extensive network of connections. I organize economic missions and am instrumental in securing investors, effectively bridging the business realms of the two nations.

In Spain, the fourth-largest country in Europe with a population nearing 50 million and the world's 15th largest economy, Poles have found a cherished home. This is a place where they aspire to live, conduct business, and explore. Given that Spain is the second most visited country globally by tourists, my role is ever more crucial. I lend a helping hand in setting up and integrating businesses by harnessing my personal efforts and an expansive network of contacts, which includes collaborations with Polish-speaking legal entities.

I provide assistance in property acquisition and management, tapping into a limitless number of real estate agencies. Leveraging my solid relationships with governmental and local authorities, as well as local businesses, I play an active role in bolstering our chambers of commerce, marshals' offices, entrepreneurs, and sporting communities.

Working in close alliance with the Consulate, I am actively nurturing the Polish diaspora in Spain. The ultimate aim is to furnish you with a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing leisure and private activities. I want you to feel comfortable, secure, and welcomed in this adopted homeland, drawing on my extensive experience. Together, we are creating our "second home" in Spain.

Considering expanding your ventures in Spain?

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Business Establishment and Launch

I provide comprehensive assistance in establishing new ventures and introducing them to the market, leveraging my own initiatives and an extensive network of professional contacts.

Legal Support Services

In collaboration with Polish and Spanish-speaking legal firms, I offer thorough legal support, ensuring all facets of your business are legally compliant and protected.

Real Estate Services

I provide expert guidance in real estate acquisition and management, giving you access to an endless array of real estate agencies. For developers, I identify lucrative opportunities for large-scale investments and facilitate their successful execution.

Business Support Services

I actively promote economic development by fostering robust relationships with government and local authorities, as well as with local businesses. I organize economic missions and trade fairs, facilitate cooperation between different chambers of commerce, and provide support for EU projects by finding suitable partners. I offer assistance in tender participation and source investors for special economic zones.

Sports Community Support

I facilitate the establishment of meaningful connections between Polish and Spanish clubs, sports associations, and individual athletes. In addition, I coordinate year-round sports camps.

The Polish Diaspora in Spain

In close collaboration with the Consulate, I play an instrumental role in cultivating the Polish community in Spain. This engagement enables me to offer diverse services for leisure time and private activities. I am proud to be the co-founder and vice president of the Association of Polonia en Espana.

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