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I have conducted 7 changes in the law
thanks to my lobbying efforts.

Lobbying, also known as advocacy of interests, comprises lawful activities undertaken in order to influence the decision-making process of public authorities, including the legislative process. Thus, lobbying is the act of lawfully attempting to influence public authorities.

Good ideas and smart regulations

Why me?

As a lobbyist, I operate under the Act on Lobbying Activities in the Lawmaking Process and am registered on the official list of lobbyists maintained by the Ministry of Interior and Administration. My mission is to create well-informed and sensible legal regulations that benefit the social group or business I represent, while also promoting the growth and development of the Polish state and its citizens.

Leveraging my expertise and experience, I can effectively advocate for legislative initiatives and contribute to the legislative process in a meaningful way.

I provide an all-encompassing service focused on crafting well-rounded and expert lobbying strategies tailored to your needs.


I represent clients in the process of preparing and developing draft regulatory acts.


I develop and provide opinions on draft laws and other regulatory acts.


I submit proposals for undertaking legislative initiatives.

I diligently track leading practices in both the American and European markets, ensuring that my actions remain up-to-date and responsive to the evolving landscape. This approach guarantees effective solutions that are entirely in line with legal requirements.

We can work together!

Feel free to contact me