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If you need support, you have come to the right place. I will be happy to help you.

I have over 20 years of professional experience. When I started practising my profession in 2000, I was the youngest legal counsel in Poland. Despite being offered career opportunities at a university and in a large law firm, from the very beginning I decided to tread my own path and set up my own law firm. I soon started providing legal services for the Business Centre Club, contributed to sports law in Poland, and I am a registered lobbyist supporting legislative processes. I hold the function of President of the Polish Committee of Non-Olympic Sports, and Chairman of the BCC Sports and Tourism Committee. I have authored over 250 publications and established a number of specialised websites. I serve as the Honorary President of the Polish Committee for Non-Olympic Sports, the Chairman of the BCC Commission for Sports and Tourism, and the Vice-President of the Polonia en Espana Association.


of experience in law and business


specialist publications


successful sports transfers


changes in legislation resulting from lobbying activities


effective class actions

Why me?

Why am I worth trusting? I have for years been trying to build lasting relationships with people and companies based on mutual respect. I believe that group action contributes to greater success, while a broad network of contacts allows you to effectively implement projects on many levels.


Over 20 years of professional experience: Graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Wrocław (1996), youngest attorney-in-law in Poland in 2000.

Business Centre Club

Since 2003, I have been providing services to the Business Centre Club and its members.


Registered lobbyist at the Polish parliament, class action leader.

Sports Enthusiast

Contributor in shaping sports law in Poland, founder of, Honorary President of the Polish Non-Olympic Committee, Chairman of the BCC Sports and Tourism Committee, CROWDWAY.PL expert, founder of the Sports Mediation Centre.

Academic Teacher

Academic teacher, author of over 250 publications and multiple legislative initiatives.

Lover of Spain

I am the originator of the Polish community in Spain. I provide support here for Poles, Polish companies, sports organisations and local governments in their private and business initiatives.

We can work together!

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