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Tomasz Dauerman

Navigating you to achievement

I am an expert in business support,
lobbying, and sports law.

Tomasz Dauerman

Navigating you to achievement

I am an expert in business support, lobbying, and sports law.

My Expertise

I possess extensive experience and have cultivated strong professional relationships.

Should you require assistance, you’ve come to the right place. I am at your service.


With two decades of expertise, I have been instrumental in the inception and management of businesses. My services encompass optimization, strategic transformation, facilitating partner dialogues, addressing employment matters, and mediating disputes.


I provide comprehensive support to Polish entrepreneurs in Spain. My assistance in establishing and integrating businesses leverages both direct interventions and a well-established network of contacts. Whatever your business endeavor might be, I stand ready to assist.


I hold a leading position and am recognized as an expert within the realm of sports law, delivering services under the auspices of the DAUERMAN Law Office. I educate through lectures and Additionally, I facilitate financing endeavors via CROWDWAY.PL and mediate disputes through the Sports Mediation Center Foundation.


We offer an all-encompassing approach to crafting lobbying strategies, grounded in the esteemed methodologies of both North America and Western Europe.


Entrust Me?

Boasting over two decades in the business sector, I have been the dedicated legal counsel for the Business Centre Club since 2003. I am credited with pioneering the framework for sports law in Poland. As an accredited lobbyist, I play a pivotal role in steering legislative processes. My authorship extends to over 250 esteemed publications, and I’ve conceived multiple niche portals. Notably, my adeptness at forging relationships and orchestrating collaborative efforts led to the inception of the Polish Committee for Non-Olympic Sports and fortifying the Polish diaspora in Spain. Additionally, I actively contribute to conflict resolution at the Sports Mediation Center.”


Veteran Expertise

With over two decades in the field, I had the distinction of becoming Poland's youngest legal counselor in 2000.

Business Centre Club Affiliation

Since 2003, I've provided consistent service to the Business Centre Club and its esteemed members. I presently hold the title of Chairman for BCC's Sports and Tourism Commission.


Recognized as an accredited lobbyist within the Polish parliament, I spearhead significant collective litigation efforts.

Sports Jurisprudence

I laid the groundwork for sports law in Poland, inaugurated the portal, and currently preside over the Polish Committee for Non-Olympic Sports.

Academic Contributions

As an established academic educator, I'm credited with authoring over 250 significant publications and initiating various legislative propositions nationally.

Spanish Affairs Expertise

With a profound appreciation for Barcelona and comprehensive knowledge of Spain, I offer dedicated support to Polish individuals and businesses in the region.

My Projects

Business Ventures in Spain

I provide strategic assistance to Polish enterprises and individuals in Spain, the fourth-largest European nation with nearly 50 million inhabitants and a global rank as the 15th largest economy. This vibrant country, deeply cherished by the Polish community, beckons as a hub for living, entrepreneurship, and exploration. Given Spain's standing as the world's second-most frequented tourist destination, my services extend to facilitating the inception and integration of businesses within this thriving landscape.

Business Consultation

Endorsement of Personal Endeavors

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